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Our Customer Service and Technical Support teams have compiled a list of the most common queries and questions they have answered to help you receive a great, trouble-free Internet connection. We are confident that most of your queries would have been covered here so please try to find the solution to your problem by browsing our frequently asked questions before contacting either our Customer Services or Technical Support teams, it could save you both time and money.

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Q. What will I need to get online with Fast4?
A. You will need a phone line. Together with this you may either use a 56k modem (v90 or v92), a single ISDN/BT Highway at 64k. You can check if you will be able to connect to system by telephoning 0843 506 6505. If you get a response from the computer then the line should connect. If the line states that the number is not available, you will not be able to connect and our service unfortunately will not work with your connection.
Q. What is the cost to use the Pay As You Go service?
A. The Pay As You Go service has no monthly costs. Whenever you use the service you will be charged by the minute on your telephone bill. The cost from a standard BT telephone line is 5ppm. Calls from other providers may be charged differently.
Q. Is there any cut-off time when using the Pay As You Go service?
A. There are two possible cut-off situations for the Dial-up service. If your computer has been inactive for 15 minutes or more, or you have been surfing online for 2 hours. If you would like to continue surfing after the 2 hours, then you can reconnect immediately.
Q. Am I tied into a specific length of contract?
A. There is no contract with the Pay As You Go package. You just use it whenever you need to.
Q. How do I set-up my computer to connect?
A. The Pay As You Go service will accept any username and password - you don't even have to create an account! The dialup subscription number you should use is 0843 506 6505. Simply make a new connection through 'Dial-up Networking' on your PC, enter the dial-up number 0843 506 6505 with any username and password and you will have immediate Internet access.
Q. I keep getting the error message 'Modem cannot detect a dial tone'?
A. If you receive the error message "modem cannot detect a dial tone" you can quickly establish if the problem is in your phone line or in your modem or your phone is at fault:

1. Make sure the phone line coming from the wall goes to the modem connection that reads line, Jack or to wall.

2. Unplug the line going to the modem and connect it to a phone.

3. Listen for a "Dial tone". If there is no dial tone, the problem is with your phone line. Contact your telephone company for help.

If there is a dial tone, then the problem is your modem. Contact your modem manufacturer for help.
Q. Does the Pay As You Go service support 128k ISDN?
A. No, the Fast4 service supports only 64k ISDN connections. There are no plans at this time to introduce 128k ISDN connections.
Q. Do you impose any limits on connections?
A. The Pay As You Go service is completely unlimited with no restrictions.